The Mezmer Banjolele is a unique and great sounding ukulele with a banjo head and spherical body cavity

MEZMER BANJOLELES sound awesome!  In designing instruments with a drum head, Mezmer strayed from traditional banjo design just enough to mellow the strident punch of banjo tones into a warm, inviting, and more balanced tonal palette.  These instruments have plenty of volume to jump into a fiery drum circle on the beach or join in with the winds on a high mountaintop. Easy to pack and dreamy to play, these are versatile instruments for adventures and any stage. 

Built with a variety of hardwoods and reclaimed materials.  Mezmer Banjoleles incorporate a sphere shaped back body which reflects the sound of the strings in a uniform and gradual way so that all frequencies are evenly represented in body resonance and and overemphasized notes or "wolf tones" are eliminated.  The spherical design also mellows the sometimes strident attack of traditional Banjo design placing its tones closer to a Ukulele when strung with nylon strings.  Steel strings can be used to move the tonal spectrum closer to that of a regular Banjo while still keeping the instrument from having too much of a face punching bark ;) .





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