Mezmer Coco blends tradition with innovation! The Coco model is the result of years of touring experience and employs ideas conceived to solve some issues found on more traditional and widely used two horn solid body designs pioneered by Fender and other makers.  Before creating the Coco, Eenor performed for years on a 79 Fender Strat which he modified to better fit his needs, but he found he needed to start from scratch to achieve what he desired. The Mezmer Coco model is the result of the changes he sought to improve his playing experience.

The Mezmer Coco model, features Fleur de Lis inlayed soundports on a ergonomic chambered body for light weight and major resonance (wood is left in all the right places, esp behind the bridge). The neck features a reverse 6 in line format bringing optimum tension (long pianistic lows on bass strings, low tension for bending on treble strings), tuners with pegs oriented to the back for easy quick grab tuning on the fly (no Orangutan elbows in the air), the slot style tuner install also creates a bit more downward pressure on the nut so no string trees required, less binding and friction for stay in tune trem use. Strings also go straight to tuners all the way from bridge, not just from nut, there is no angle deviation, stays in tune better with bending and tremolo use.

The Mezmer Coco neck also has blind fret tangs at edge so is very smooth on the edges (and looks great), of course frets are leveled, polished, and crowned for clarity and comfort. Another feature of the Mezmer neck is the compound radius on the fret board (9.5" to 14") making it amazingly comfortable for those that play all the way up the 23 fret neck and like to bend strings (hit the harmonic to access the invisible 24th fret!). Metal position dots (aluminum with copper center) reflect well in low light, and the neck is bolted with brass inserts (not wood screws) so can be removed for travel without wearing out holes, plus the inserts create more sustain and take full advantage of the incredibly tight neck pocket fitting for maximum resonance

The neck is oiled on the back, but finished on peg head for smooth playing. S style input jack is recessed on side of body for easy plugin and controls (VOL, VOL, Tone) can be used for a large variety of tones (esp in middle position). The pickup placement is optimized for versatile useable tones, no neck position mud, no brittle highs on bridge position. I also can install a variety of caps for tone control depending on your preferences as well as treble bleed circuit. Finally, we feature the Buzz Feiten compensated nut as an option. Many pickup and bridge types available upon request tho I prefer Lindy Fralin pickups and Wilkinson tremolos. Contact eenor to reserve yours, pricing starts at $2300

Chambered Body with Fleur De Lis Tone Port 

A two horn guitar

The Coco body design deviates slightly from the more traditional F style guitar. 

* The upper horn is shifted toward the nut to sit above the 12th fret positioning the neck closer to ones body for less reach fatigue 
* The body is contoured for weight, comfort, and is chambered with a curved sine wave pattern emulating sound waves for resonance
* Bolt on neck is contoured in the back and scooped lower horn allows for easier upper fret access
* The bolt on neck uses brass inserts and steel hex bolts so neck can be removed for compact travel without degrading screw holes or fit. 

Reverse Headstock for Optimum String Tension and Tuning Stability

Managing Tension

Most Mezmer instruments feature headstock designs that lengthen the bass side strings for taught pianistic lows emphasizing the fundamental harmonically, and shorten the treble side for ease of string bending. This design allows use of heavier gauge strings for better tone because of the optimization of the strings tension. 

* In most Mezmer headstock designs the strings pass straight through the nut to a locking tuner for tuning and tremolo use stability
* Tuners face backward for ergonomic quick access during play (no elbows in the air to tune)
* 2 Slotted headstock options for better downward pressure at the nut 

An Incredible Neck

A playing experience like no other

Mezmer necks are optimized for comfort, clarity of tone, and durability

* Compound or normal radius options available
* 25.5 in scale (can be customized for a fee)
* Blind fret tang options
* Rounded and polished fret ends
* Raised Braille style and highly reflective metallic side dot position markers
* Fretboard inlay and hardwood customization available
* Available separately as retrofit upgrade for your bolt on style guitar





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