a unique guitar with great curves 

Named after a Greek Titan, the Father of the Sun and Moon, and the tallest tree in the world, the Mezmer Hyperion is unique looking, very comfortable to play, and has a broad tonal pallet. It is a solid body electric with its upper horn in a position that snuggles the torso when the player is in sitting position. In standing position the positioning of the strap button on the long upper horn provides easy access to the full length of the neck while not requiring the fretting hand to reach too far out from the body to hit root position chords, allowing for more relaxed performance. The guitar is designed to have a large mass of wood behind the bridge and the larger lower bout gives the guitar a pronounced mid range bark. 

. The above model is made from reclaimed redwood with a bolt on maple and rosewood neck. 

The Hyperion reverse headstock maximizes proper benefits of string length vs. tension. That is, longer length on bass string yields a tighter feel and stronger fundamental whereas the shorter length on the treble strings facilitates ease of bending and allows the player to use a heavier gauge string for stronger tones. The Mezmer reverse slotted headstock design is an innovative solution to the usual flipped headstock problem of uncomfortable access to tuners, with the Mezmer 6 on a side slotted style, a player can reach over quickly to make tuning adjustments during a performance with ease.

The back of the neck is finished with Danish Oil and has the feel of a broken-in vintage classic. The headstock and heel are finished in Nitro Cellulose lacquer. 

The unique and innovative contours of the Hyperion body were conceived with many features in mind. The upper horn provides perfect balance point for a strap in standing position as well as a comfortable support to lean into when in seated positions. The lower bout extends the control cavity for progressive electronic expansion as well as providing wood mass behind the bridge which helps to give the guitar a strong midrange voice and a particularly warm growl when pushing amplifier gain.

2 Volume, 1 Tone, 1 Switch,

Backside S Style input jack

Topside Binding with arm bevel

Graph Tech nut

Nitro Cellulose finish

Lindy Fralin p-92 p’ups *

Wilkinson tremolo

Schaller tuners

CTS pots, Switchcraft switch and jack

* The Lindy Fralin p-92 is an amazing take on the p-90 style single coil masterfully executed with the split coil humbucking design. These pickups are amazing! In the middle position both pickups can be adjusted by their individual volumes yielding an incredible pallette of tones. A Sprague Orange drop cap was used for the Tone pot which provides an optimal range of high frequency attenuation.


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