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Levitar is an instrument support system like no other! In its first accessory offering Mezmer introduces its revolutionary strapless system which allows an instrument to be comfortably supported on a belt or vest bringing ergonomic balance to the playing experience. With quick instrument changeability, multiple axis of motion, ease of neck and back pains, and more, players are discovering the many reasons to ditch the strap.  Mezmer is developing this product for release in late 2021, early 2022.

  • BALANCED - Levitar brings uncanny balance and comfort to a players experience by distributing the weight of the instrument evenly across shoulders (Levivest) or waist (Levibelt).  Levitar can alleviate chronic pains from misaligned performance
  • QUICK CHANGES - Levitar makes switching instruments easy and quick, no strap and cable tangles, changing instruments in a live act doesn't knock off your hat or mess up your face-paint or kink your whatsishooses twisting out of a heavy metal axe with lots of pointy bits in between songs. unlike most other non strap systems....
  • 3 AXIS OF MOVEMENT - When moving an instrument around to find comfort zones for different playing styles, or gesticulate for music cues, or to strike the famous pose, Levitar is as close to a strap in range of motion as you can get without a strap. 
  • SOLID ALUMINUM - Cut out of an aluminum block with a steel hex bolt hinge mechanism
  • FOR BOLT ON NECK INSTRUMENTS - The Levitar bolt on back plate retrofits most F style guitars non destructively by adding an extra backplate with one neck screw that is a bit longer to secure the Levitar key without modifying the instrument. 
  • FOR GLUE ON/NECK THROUGH INSTRUMENTS - Mezmer is developing a universal non destructive backplate for all non bolt on neck instruments. 

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