long neck banjo

Mezmer Tamboar is a banjo like no other! As a touring musician, Eenor performed on a instrument called a Yaili Tanbur made in Turkey by Cumbus. He struggled with the instruments propensity to feedback easily onstage when plugged in with a pickup he installed.  When he first purchased the instrument he removed the nylon microtonal frets so he could study in a fretless style with Ali Akbar Khan, a legendary Sarod player from India who founded a school of Indian music in San Rafael CA.  The Mezmer Tamboar is Eenors version of the Yaili Tanbur with upgrades to solve the issues he'd experienced performing onstage and in class with Ali Akbar Khan. 
    The Mezmer Tamboar features an extended fretless neck with 6 strings and is played with a pick or bow.  The design borrows from Banjo, Cello, Bass, Tanbur and Sarod concepts which combine to make a very versatile instrument that covers a vast range of sonic territory, it is able to cover many octaves depending on the tuning and string gauges chosen by the player.  Eenor solved the plugged in feedback issue by redesigning the banjo concept with a spherical body shape, the lack of parallel surfaces acts to provide equal resonance to all notes preventing the howl and wolf tones that can ensue when an acoustic body cavity emphasizes certain notes that correspond to its resonant peak frequency (like blowing over a bottle opening).  Because the Tamboar inside body cavity is spherically shaped, no single frequency is over emphasized which eliminates acoustic wolf notes and feedback when plugged in.   

Like other Mezmer instruments the Tamboar design is ergonomic and comfortable to play standing or sitting.  The upper horn allows for great balance when suspended on a strap and the lower leg bout keeps the instrument from slipping when played in a seated position.  The slotted headstock optimizes string tension by lengthening the bass side strings and shortening the treble side, rear facing tuning pegs allow for quick and easy tuning access.  The bridge floats on the drum head and is shaped similar to a Cello bridge to allow all the strings to be bowed.  A single custom made pickup can be installed off the head for deep and rich plugged in tones as well as mic or pickup inside the head and piezo in the bridge. 





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