musical ponderings

Ideas! Eenor is ever on the quest to deeper understand the intricacies of music and music making.  He employs ideas related to physics, math, sacred geometry and more to come up with new ways to think about and relate to music. As an experienced composer, improviser, bandmate, & performer he has had many years of experience on what works and what doesn't and has studied the psychology of music making in groups and solo.  

Enneagram Study. The above video is a experimental piece by Eenor. Its a musical animated study using the Enneagram concept, and applying some of Gurdjieffs ideas about the form in a short guitar composition. Embedded within the music movement are his ideas relating to the Law of Three, and the Law of Seven. This is a simple composition which uses the math and esoteric concepts of the Enneagram to compose a diatonic progression that cycles through the form.

The Universe Sings F#Major : The Matter of Sound & Why sound matters! Sum all the inner angles of 2d and 3d shapes (Platonic Solids) in degrees (a circle or a square is 360 or F#) and apply that number to measurements of frequency in Hertz and you get 3 different musical notes, F#/A#/C# spelling a F#Major chord (in A=432hz tuning). Additionally (pun) all of these totals can be sum reduced (platonically) to a single digit and all of them sum to 9 (ie C#= 1080 or 1+0+8+0=9)

The above "Magic Sound" video isn't music but rather is sound science akin to Binaural beats pioneered by Robert Monroe, to which Eenor has added the notion of adding ones voice to the experience! Eenor calls this Trinaural Beats (stereo sine waves tuned based on geometric shapes + listeners voice).

* Not for laptop speakers!! Use good headphones or good sound system and vocalize along for a tonal tuneup in C Perfect.

This is a Tone made for meditation, healing, and cellular realignment. Based on natural law of Doubling, and cell formation. A slight binaural effect is present but this tone is very simple. Tuned to universal C (32, 64, 128, 256Hz) with a little bit of A=432.  I encourage you to use your voice in a mmmmnnnggg sound, play with vowels, the shape of your mouth and tongue placement and also explore pitches matching the fundamentals and overtones. Notice the rhythmic beatings that occur and see if you can "feel" different areas of your head and body. There is lots of bass content so be careful with volume levels, use good headphones for best results and adjust volume to your voice. Drop and loosen your jaw.....Pineal opener, brain massager, aaahhhmmmmmmnnnnngggggg

pure tone...1+1=22+2=4,4+4=8,8+8=16,16+16=32,32+32=64,64+64=128,128+128=256...

These are C's starting from 1...this is natures tuning. A=440 begets a C of 261.6 hertz... No elegance there....lets retune to the elegant geometric music tones. Retune! A=432 when using these perfect C's (see above video Universe sings F# Major for more about geometry tuning and A=432, nope...not woo at all).

More of these Trinaural Beats tones can be heard/experienced on Eenor's Bandcamp collection called "Attention"

Binaural tone in video is made by Eenor, visuals are photos taken from internet





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