The Mezmer Mini is a guitar, a mandolin, a 5 string ukulele, whatever fits the muse. 

Mezmer Mini is a great addition to any quiver of stringed instruments! Featuring a chambered mahogany body with a maple top with Pyramids of Giza soundports, this lil thing goes everywhere easily and can play many musical roles. Eenor designed this as a travel instrument and as a compliment for tracking guitar parts that extend into upper ranges.  It features 24 frets giving a two octave range on its small neck.  Like all Mezmer instruments, its slotted headstock design allows for ideal string tension making the low pitched strings longer for pianistic lows, and the high pitched strings shorter for ease of bending.  One humbucker pickup is all that is needed to get this thing howling.  Plug it into an octave pedal and use it for Bass (eenor has confused a few folks doing so), tune it an octave higher to double guitar parts, use it as an electric mandolin or 5 string ukulele...It does it all.





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