The Neptune guitar features a body shape reminiscent of a sea creature or a technological device found aboard a future-past dirigible. The Teak bridge tailpiece is sunken into the reclaimed redwood body providing a resonant hardwood seat for the string ends.

Cat n Bird Ukulele 

Cat n Bird Electric Solidbody Ukulele built for Lali Wilde. Lali wrote a song called “Cat and BIrd” and it inspired her dad (eenor) to make this for her 15th birthday.

Stratosphere (1st Gen)

the Stratosphere with reversed 6 on a side headstock. The above model features Reclaimed redwood body with a light distressed lacquer finish, Wilkinson trem, award winning Lindy Fralin Pure PAF pickup , Gotoh tuners, Volume pot, & Kill switch.

RR Flying V (1st Mezmer built in 1983)

Eenor’s first guitar build he made as an early teen in 1983/84. Dedicated to Randy Rhoads who died a couple of years prior. Eenor was a wide eyed rocker in love with guitar and music and Randy exuded an exemplary passion for guitar that inspired this tribute.

Cat 25" Scale Bass

The Cat Bass was made for a 7 yr old boy. It has a 25” scale and is very comfortable. Copper inlay outlines the cat shape in reclaimed aged wood. Features CTS pots, Switchcraft input jack, pickups and bridge are reclaimed from a child sized Lotus bass. The Lotus bass neck was repurposed with new look and fretwork.

Coco "The Dip"

Coco sign guitar made for "The Dip" bar and restaurant in Trinity CA


Bass Metal Tamboar prototype

Inspired by the Cumbus family of Turkish Banjos, this was made from a metal end table top and parts from a Yamaha fretless bass as an experiment, see the eventual design now called the Mezmer Tamboar


Neptune Fretless

A variation on the Neptune body shape, this guitar contains the original neck from Eenor’s first build at age 14. After trying out scalloping the first four frets, Eenor was inspired to make the rest of the neck fretless so he could play root position chords on the fretted portion and solo on the fretless portion mixing Jaco fretless bass styles on the wound strings, and indian Sarod technique on the plain strings. The scalloping turned out to be unnecessary (teenage experimentation) but the hybrid concept is something the Mezmer line may be expanding on with baritones and basses in the future.


Yaili Tanbur headstock retrofit

Eenor toured for years performing on a Turkish banjo made by Cumbus called a Yaili Tanbur.  He retrofitted the stock neck with a Mezmer 6 on a side slotted headstock 





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