Mezmer Instrument Company specializes in creating new and innovative stringed instruments & accessories. Our designs & builds are based on years of real world touring & player experience, & are informed by studies of centuries of lutherie and craftsmanship. We focus on tone, playability, durability, & value to create accessible instruments for professional & enthusiast musicians.





From a lifelong passion for guitar, Mezmer offers a variety of solid to semi hollow electric guitars, modern acoustic models are in R&D phase and coming soon




Mezmer was born in the 70's with a Ukulele in hand and with DNA made of Aloha



Part Banjo, part Yaili Tambur, part Cello, part Sarod, part Bass ...what is it for you?



Creating the warmest sounding Banjolele around, Mezmer reinvents the banjo style body and removes the strident bark commonly associated with Banjoleles and replaces with pleasing tonal balance while maintaining strong volume



With appreciation for one of the most ancient instruments, Mezmer conjures the ageless ages with its unique fretted Mouthbow design



Mezmer Instrument Co. creates products like Levitar that enhance creativity and support better player performance with ergonomics


Mezmer stringed instruments are designed and made by Eenor Wildeboar, a lifelong musician who began breaking strings on his sisters guitar at age 5. They are made in the USA with as sustainable methods as possible and lots of dedication and joy. Mezmers stray from traditional instruments just far enough to innovate  exciting new characteristics. Mezmer instrument designs are inspired by studies in physics of sound, materials resonance, cymatics, durability, ergonomics for playing ease, and craftsman luthier traditions.

Mezmer Instrument Co exists to get people playing music quickly and without much fuss.  Whether a seasoned musician or just starting out, these instruments are built to live in peoples hands being played. Being enveloped in the sound of music alone or in a group is an indescribably rewarding experience. Playing music is health enhancing, it keeps the physical body coordinated and the mind sharp.  Mezmers make it easy and inspiring to start making music anytime. 

Factors in getting to a price:
* We focus on minimalistic flash and adornment, favoring well built, extremely easy-to-play instruments
* Made as efficiently as possible while retaining old world sensitivity to craftsmanship and elegant use of materials.
* Cost-friendliness, we source as high quality parts and materials as your budget allows, we are constantly acquiring re-purposed aged wood, and are aways on the hunt for well made vintage components. 
* Beginner to Pro prices  each instrument type is available in a bare bones version made with value oriented materials or a more feature packed version with high quality materials and components.  

* All products are made to order so prices can vary, this is a ballpark base price to begin your project, a vast range of ways to cut and add cost are available. Orders begin with receipt of 1/2 $ deposit, time to build varies.

Ballpark starting prices:

~Electric Guitars                                                           $2000
~Ukulele                                                                          $600
~Tamboar                                                                        $1500
~Banjolele                                                                       $500
~Stringed Mouth Bow                                                  $200
~Levitar  type 1 ~ F Style Bolt on                               $350
                 type 2 ~ Strap Button Back Plate            $450 
~Bass                                                                               $1700



String Tension

Many Mezmer headstocks employ a "reverse" orientation that lengthens the bass side (for taught pianistic lows tonally) and shortens the treble side (for ease of bending).

Chambering and Port design

Mezmer messes with the F-Hole tradition by integrating alternative sound port designs with inlay and body shape.

Fretboard Options

Mezmer offers compound radius fretboards, blind fret tangs, raised Braille like metallic reflective dot position markers, alternative hardwoods, and custom inlay. 


Mezmer Instruments are born in the mind of Eenor inspired by nature, traditional instrument design, art, music ratio math, and geometry.

It starts with an Idea and a pencil

Mezmer Instruments are designed based on years of touring and player experience by Eenor, a lifelong musician, each design is drawn in pencil first.

Informed Ideas

Mezmer uses computer aided design (CAD) to articulate ideas in 3d which allows for precise measurements and exotic geometry.

Materials and Construction

Mezmer Instruments are made with a variety of construction Mezmer believes the most significant tools in the shop are the brain and the hands.  Visit the shop.





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